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The Full Story


Silk Road Catering is a family owned and operated business, located in the heart of Savannah, Ga. We have been serving this community for 17 years!

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I first began cooking in college for my roommates, but only if they would uphold their part of the bargain and clean the dishes. They agreed so I began cooking, and they cleaned occasionally. My wife and I met in college, and when she finally started dating me, we began cooking together, sometimes for our friends, roommates, etc.. Not long after we met, we were asked to cook for a large student group. With the small amount of experience we had, it was a miraculous success, and the rest is history!


We want to serve our clients high quality, freshly cooked food. All of our food is scratch-made from a collection of tried and true family recipes, as well as many new ideas that we have added to the book.

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